Yugoslavia – Regional Tea Party

Editors: Dr. Irena Ristić, Dr. Goran Bašić, Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade



March 27

Prof. Dr. Radina Vučetić, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade
Handling a crisis: Yugoslavia and the smallpox epidemic


April 24

Dr. Tanja Petrović, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Ljubljana
Utopia in uniform? Understanding Yugoslavia through the JNA lense


May 22

Dr. Irena Ristić, Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade
Destroyed or collapsed? Interepretations about the desintegration of  Yugoslavia over time


June 4

Dr. Edvin Pezo, The Institute of East and Southeast European Studies (IOS), Regensburg
The decline of solidarity in Yugoslavia: The Leagues of Communists of Yugoslavia as a messenger of socio-political changes


July 2

Prof. Dr. Ildiko Erdei, Faculty of Philosophy, Belgrade
Good design for a better society: The aestheticization of everyday life in socialist Yugoslavia


September 5

Dr. Francesca Rolandi, Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Florence
Going East, Going West – Cultural relations and solidarity ties between Italy and Yugoslavia during the Cold War


September 25

Prof. Dr. Ivo Goldstein, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb
Yugoslavia – Ideal state framework, artificial creation or prison of nations?


October 30

Prof. Dr. Mitja Velikonja, Faculty of Social Sciences, Ljubljana
Yugoslavia after Yugoslavia – Graffiti about Yugoslavia in post-Yugoslav urbanscape


November 27

Dr Milivoj Bešlin, Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory, Belgrade
Yugoslavia as emancipation – Identity characteristics as the basis of state and social exceptionalism


December 18

Dr. Branimir Janković, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb
The (im)possibility of talking about Yugoslavia: The Croatian case




2021 / 2022