Lecture by prof. Alpár Losoncz, PhD, Serbian Academy of Sciences & Arts, Belgrade

October 20, 2022 at 18:00

Topic: Multiculturalism in Democratic Society



Despite various counter-tendencies, multiculturalism is an inevitable horizon of the current era. However, this does not mean that its meanings are not the subject of various discussions, on the contrary, it seems that the dynamics of the existing situation really brings to the surface a series of contradictory problems. Multiculturalism arose in the sixties of the 20th century, therefore in different circumstances compared to the current situation. The first question is whether we have a form of multiculturalism that is adequate in relation to the current situation? The second question is how the developments regarding the moments of globalization change the conditions of existence of multiculturalism? The third question (of a theoretical nature) how does the conflict between democracy and liberalism determine the chances of multiculturalism? The fourth question: does the right-wing „offensive“ change the chances of multiculturalism? Fifth question, how is all this reflected in relation to Serbia and the region in general, that is, in relation to the possibilities of stabilizing the results achieved so far in the field of multiculturalism?