Lecture by Dr. Stephan Müller, Advisor International Affairs – Western Balkans, Central Council of the German Sinti and Roma, Budapest

Topic: Antigypsyism in the Western Balkans – how to combat racism towards Roma in the countries in the Western Balkans


About the lecturer

Stephan Müller is a political scientist who works as an Advisor on International Affairs  –  Western Balkans for the Central Council of the German Sinti and Roma (Zentralrat Deutscher Sinti und Roma), focusing on strengthening the fight against antigypsyism.

He worked as a free-lance consultant for several intergovernmental and international organisations (OSCE, UNDP, EAR, Council of Europe, World Bank, Open Society Foundation, CARE, Caritas), governments and governmental organisations. He was involved in setting up the Decade of Roma Inclusion, advising the first two presidencies of the Decade of Roma Inclusion Hungary and Romania.

He has a long working experience in all countries of the Western Balkans, focusing on minorities, in particular Roma, refugees and returnees. He was involved in developing national strategies and action plans or multi-annual programmes in several countries in the Western Balkans.

His presentation “Antigypsyism in the Western Balkans” will first introduce the concept of antigypsyism and will then briefly refer to manifestations of antigypsyism in the past. Starting with the actual socio-economic situation of Roma in the countries in the Western Balkans, he will look at current manifestations of antigypsyism in the Western Balkans and will present recommendation on preventing and combatting antigypsyism.