Lecture by asst. prof. Stefan Surlic, PhD, Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade

November 24, 2022 at 18:00

Topic: Perspectives of multiethnic life in Kosovo


The aim of this topic is to show that post-conflict is not a time-bounded period, but rather, that it is an institutionalized practice, a permanent political situation that has direct consequences for the multiethnic perspective of Kosovo. It is assumed that the clear intention of international representatives to establish a multiethnic society through Ahtisaari plan and Brussels Agreement that would stop and in turn, prevent the outbreak of a new conflict, has produced unintended consequences – instead of bringing about integration and multiethnic interaction, mechanisms of protection and representation of different communities have strengthened divided society in permanent post-conflict discourse. Through the analysis of previous research and various events that have happened recently, the lecture will try to provide an overview of the post-conflict dependence path in Kosovo.