About Us

The Academic Network for Cooperation in Southeast Europe is an authentic scientific and social initiative for a better society and relations in Southeast Europe. By providing facts, cultivating openness and critical thinking and with respecting the highest standards of ethics, we strive to contribute to the excellence related to scientific results and their application in public policies and society.

Research on multiculturalism, on the position of groups that are vulnerable due to cultural deprivation, on unfair and discriminatory behavior towards members of those groups are in the focus of the Academic Network. We are convinced that science can contribute to better social relations and to better understanding in Southeast Europe in order to make it a stable and developed region.

The founders of the Academic Network for Cooperation in South East Europe are the Institute of Social Sciences in Belgrade, the Faculty of Political Science of Zagreb University, the Institute for Ethnic Studies (IES) in Ljubljana, the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Sarajevo, the University of Montenegro Faculty of Political Science and the Institute for Social and Humanistic Research “Euro-Balkan” from Skopje.